A nouveau petit train de plaisir, original rewriting and pyrotechnics by Carla Magnan and Carla Rebora of one of Corghi’s most brilliant, joking and virtuous works, born in Pesaro in 1992 in the form of ballet: A petit train of the plaisir and originally written for two pianos and percussion, in turn inspired by Rossini’s piano pieces: the Péchés de vieillesse.

The piano pieces are almost totally devoid of instrumental virtuosity but brilliant in the happiness of musical creativity and the irony of caricature. After 1855 (the year he moved to Paris), Rossini composed numerous works for piano and welcomed to his quarters the great interpreters of the time. It is assumed that some of these piano pieces were unwisely left unattended by Rossini and were then the object of curiosity on the part of Liszt and Moscheles; two frequent visitors to his living room.

The reading of the work, through the virtuosic funambulistic display and the improvisation of the two famous pianists imagined by Azio Corghi, reveals the true nature of the Péchés de vieillesse. The beauty of the melodic lines together with an unusual harmonic taste comes to enhance the acoustic components while gradually coming out of the field of “temperate” frequencies, reaching the most disparate sources of indeterminate sound with a clear reference to jazz intervention. From the running train emerges, from time to time, the amusing and ironic text of Guido Barbieri.