bustric piccolo principe pallone

Music is like water, it takes the shape of the container where it is always kept still water. With this play on words Bustric informs us that music frees viewers and actors, because being equal for everyone is different for everyone. Everyone can interpret it as he wishes.

Music is a travel companion able to become a protagonist at any moment without ever being overbearing. For many years Bustric composes and plays with stories and characters that talk with music. His world of magic, magic games, juggling, pantomime and words, marries beautifully with this ancient art that, of course, was born with man.

The Little Prince, loosely based on the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is proof of this. The story that everyone knows becomes the inspiration for scenes that expand and create surprises. The wonder hidden behind the words is sought here by the Little Prince. It is a free and light representation, where the simple scene by choice and necessity transforms them according to the moment, becoming each time a different landscape and magical space. The game itself tells and becomes history.


It is the way of staging Bustric, even before the story, to have an educational value that encourages creation. Inventing and creating is perhaps the most beautiful and extraordinary human activity that exists. Children must be shown that it is possible. That of Bustric is a palpable example, which is seen because in front of everyone. The narration, even if at times it is complex, is always resolved with inventiveness and simplicity, that simplicity that comes from the study and the overcoming of useless frills and decorations. You go straight to the heart of things, no need expensive and difficult scenes. Bustric shows us that if one frees the mind and with it the imagination and gives space to the game, everything can be represented; “Imaginary planets … Impossible characters … all “The public is always willing to believe and enter the actor’s game. The theater said Borghes is “A voluntary suspension of disbelief” … Children have this extraordinary innate ability, still available, for them it is quite natural to let go to the game, just waiting to be stimulated. Of course you should not let them down, it would be fatal. Promises must always be kept. “A little boy asked me one day: how do you make spells? I told him that he wanted the magic dust and he then became very serious and as if he had made an exceptional discovery he asked me: Is the dust of my house ok too? !! “