Music is body, soul, energy, emotion, thought and feeling. The instrument is the vibration of the unspeakable word, that only through the sound and harmony takes shape and meaning. A magical encounter of five women is able to create and give back a sound path, even gestural and a “Broad Resonance.” So that the music can come with its most cultured and refined language but also with its unique power of instinct and passion. The flute, the singing and the “voice that tells” are intertwined with the four hands piano, on a journey of the mind, heart, emotions, offering some played, some rearranged with imagination and improvisation.

The five women perform a charming and evocative recital. “The heart which…” works by G.Bizet, B.Godard, Saroglia-Rosselli, I.Clarke, A.Canonici, A.Piazzolla, Ch.Aznavour, Corghi/Magnan-Rebora, G. Sollima, E.Morricone, Dulce Pontes, with readings and recitatives of great authors of the past (W. Shakespeare, A. Merini, W. Szymborska, F. Kahlo, E. Dickinson, M. Desbordes -Valmore, F. Pessoa) proposed in different backgrounds formations  and with a unique, powerful but sweet fil rouge: The Sound, which leads, unveils and reveals.