“Free bomb everyone!”…
It was a magic word, a cry launched after an exhausting run, finally reaching the corner of the street. It freed all competitors from a child’s game and I believe it still exists. It is from this childhood memory that Pinocchio is born, free for all.
The idea is that the character of a story can constantly free others. A game of fantastic stories that become true and possible when Bustric tells and interprets them.
A mixture of magic, pantomime, story and music; incredible how these ingredients harmonize perfectly with one another. What better place than the fairy tale for magic or more suitable setting than music for pantomime? Bustric recites and amazes, astonishing even himself. Training to amaze is the real purpose of this show. The adult audience just has let go and  think all is possible.
Children, by their very nature, have more belief than adults in fairy tales. But, it will be the adults who will be most affected and obtain greater satisfaction when they enter the game. The story of Pinocchio is told for the most part with the music of Fiorenzo Carpi (as featured in Comencini’s film), it constitutes the central nucleus around which various new adventures are born.
Together with the two fantastic pianists, Paola Biondi and Debora Brunialti, Bustric will guide us into a daring new world filled wtih passion, invention and surprise.