The project involves the interaction between Maestro Aurelio Canonici, conductor, composer and promoter, and the Paola Biondi-Debora Brunialti piano duo. The three artists, on the stage, offer a show in which word and music, story and sounds, explanations and concert intertwine freely to make the great masterpieces of symphonic and lyric music understood and appreciated. The explanation of Maestro Canonici, aimed at clarifying passages, chords, a scale, a phrase, is immediately followed by the duo’s piano performance, in perfect symbiosis.

In this format, it will be possible to illustrate to the public great authors and masterpieces by merging musical and philosophical explanations. Just to give some examples: Bach, The Passion according to Matthew and the musical symbol; Mozart, sensuality in music and Don Giovanni; the Magic Flute and Masonic symbols; Beethoven, Schiller and the Ninth Symphony; Wagner, Tristan and Isolde, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche; Tchaikovsky, the Fourth Symphony and fate; Tchaikovsky, the Pathetic Symphony and transcendence; Verdi’s great operas and the great works of Puccini.


Aurelio Canonici