No one imagined that the history of cinema could be so funny

until meeting the adventures of the Lightbulb family:

following the bizarre vicissitudes of children and grandchildren

of the two inventors, we will cross a century,

from the 1900’s up to the present day.

– From generation to generation –

we will witness the evolution of the cinematographic medium

on a journey of images and music

that will create and give extraordinary emotions.

A short and wild story about the power of cinema,

– a machine of dreams and ideas, of stories of freedom and propaganda –

a background to this show of cheerful clowning and animation

dedicated to the little ones who are taken

on an evocative journey into the typical art form of the 20th century.

Dark in the room!

No one imagined that the history of cinema could be so funny until meeting the adventures of the Lightbulb Brothers (which is the Italian translation of Lumière). Two serious inventors who together invented the most incredible means by which man can express himself: the machine that sets the images in motion, CINEMA in a word.

Their first screening of the film, in Paris, 1895, remains famous for showing people running away from an oncoming train heading towards a hall at full speed. The image projected on the wall was so menacing that appeared real.

At the beginning of its history, cinema was seen as magic and yet it was a technical medium. The Lightbulb Brothers had done nothing but make use of the many discoveries made by man over time: electricity, toothed motors, lenses, photographic plates…the fact is that the success was immense, so much so that from all over the world everyone began to ask to see this extraordinary invention and to participate in the cinematic show!

The show, The Light Bulb Brothers, tells the story of this invention within the form of a musical recital. It unravels the family saga of the Lightbulbs which, as with the two French inventors, continues the bizarre adventures of their children and grandchildren, allowing the audience to cross the entire scope of history from the 20th century right up to the present day. Without realizing it, kids and children will be able to get to know both the world of cinema and the history closest to us all.

We will witness, generation after generation, the evolution of the cinematographic medium: the transition from silent to sound, to color from black and white, from the bittersweet laughs of Chaplin’s “The Kid” to the diligence of “Stagecoach” in the wild west. From the representation of reality in “Bicycle Thieves” to the wildest science fiction fantasy of “Star Wars”.

Cinema was the quintessential art form of the 20th century and opened the horizons for all viewers until eventually being packaged into a box called television. Later, these images were reduced even further by compressing them into mobile phones. But, the power of moving images still survives and today, the great-grandchildren of the Lightbulb Brothers are trying to free the stories told by the cinema and to make them circulate around the world, as if they were seeds of joy, knowledge and freedom.